Month: October 2015

How to tell if a Eisenhower (Ike) Dollar Coin is 40% silver or not

This video covers how to tell if your Eisenhower (Ike) Dollar Coin is 40% silver or not.   Also shows what the “Brown Ike”, “Blue Ike”, and mint/proof Bicentennial sets look like which contain the 40% silver Ikes.

Junk Silver Quick Reference Pages

Here are a couple of Junk Silver Quick Reference Pages that I created, designed to be a 1 page, front and back flyer.   Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements!




How to Determine Specific Gravity of 80% and 50% Silver Canadian Coins

This is a video I made that covers how to determine specific gravity of 80% and 50% silver Canadian coins:

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