The Complete Guide to U.S. Junk Silver Coins, 2nd Edition is a book covering everything you need to know about “junk silver”.    What is “junk silver”?  “Junk silver” is a term to describe U.S. dimes, quarters, and half dollars that were minted in 1964 and earlier, as well as various other U.S. coins, because they are composed of between 35% and 90% silver, while newer and current coins are composed of the much cheaper base metals copper and nickel.

This comprehensive book covers everything you need to know about U.S. junk silver coins, from the history of how and why the Government made the switch away from silver, to the many benefits of holding junk silver today. In addition, you’ll learn crucial information including: how wear and condition affect the silver content of coins, how to detect counterfeits, how to buy and sell junk silver coins wisely, and much, much more.

The 2nd edition has new and updated material throughout the book, as well as several new chapters, including information on Canadian junk silver coins, and U.S. base metal coinage.

This site has information about the book, as well as a lot of information and posts about Junk Silver.